PROJECT - Erosion
TYPE - Exhibition
CLIENT - Myself
LOCATION - Denmark
YEAR - 2016

STATUS - Finalized






Erosion - Exhibition at Leth & Gori january 2017

"The intense cultivated danish landscape is shaped by the automated agriculture production, as well as small pockets of synthetic nature. The cities and suburbs are eroding the land with their everlasting need for fresh foods and fossil fuels. To maximize food production a 1 million km. net of pipe drainage have been build into the fields, providing an efficient underground megastructure supporting the surface machinery of GPS navigated tractors and unmanned farming drones. Small pockets of nature have been designed by public domains or private initiatives to facilitate a controlled escape that brings back memories of unspoiled forests and romantic walks on long deserted sand beaches. Erosion is everywhere, taking place on different levels; from physical to psychological." - from exhibition catalog

"A filed east of Ugledige" - 120x70cm, white acrylic, black MDF




Exhibition view - "A small stream in Jutland" - "At Tommy place" - “Ear grommet in the scale of 100:1”


Exhibition view - "Tracktor tracks at Møn" - “Constructing a city”

"A filed east of Ugledige" - 120x70cm, white acrylic, black MDF



"Spending the night at Bakkebølle Beach" - 200x80 cm. - Polyester fabric, cotton thread.



"A small stream in Jutland" - 45x45x90cm, video on monitor mirrors, plastic, MDF, paint.



"A small stream in Jutland" - Top view



“Nature in Denmark is a projection surface for our conception of the untouched” - 40x30 cm, Transparent acrylic, paper, tusch.


“Ear grommet in the scale of 100:1” 40x30cm, mdf, paint. 

"Tracktor tracks at Møn" - 100x70cm - Drawing



"At Tommys place" - 80x60cm - Drawing



"Constructing a city" - 119x89,4 cm. B/W photo